Jeff EisnaugleJeff will help you sell your business now or help you prepare your business to help you better prepare your business for a future sale.

Jeff believes that he would be your best choice to help you sell your business based on his experience, track record, number of active buyers that he has accumulated, and his personal commitment to each seller. He backs this up in ways that most other brokers can’t or won’t:

  • Jeff doesn’t get paid unless he sells your company, which means no up-front or hidden charges. You remain in control.
  • Custom Non-Disclosure Agreement to help ensure discretion.
  • Expert and experienced business valuation, preparation for the sale, and marketing.
  • Proprietary Marketing that includes the use of a video interview of the owner. Let Jeff explain the many benefits of this.
  • Negotiation experience to put deals together and then to keep deals together all the way to a closing. He will help sellers hold onto the price and terms that were agreed to in the Letter of Intent until the closing.
  • Many years of experience and success that have generated references from satisfied sellers that he will offer.

Jeff Eisnaugle

already has buyer relationships and has spent years accumulating and cultivating over 29,300 buyer’s emails and other information. Compare this approach to other brokers who “have to go out and get the buyers” for a new business listing.  Instead, Jeff can discretely present your business to his buyers after a new Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed.  He uses video to detail the business for sale which includes a video interview the owner.

Jeff’s Commitment to His Sellers:

  • Promise to Help You Maximize the Sales Price and Terms During the Sale of Your Business-He works only for a percentage of the Sales Price
  • Promise to Work Hard to Sell Your Business “Quickly and Quietly”
  • Promise to Introduce You to Qualified Buyers
  • Promise to Keep You Updated During the Entire Process

Jeff will also give you a complimentary valuation of the “current market” value of your business and meet you in person to go over the valuation and sales process. Jeff will start by recasting your financials in the most favorable way that he recommends for a seller by creating an add back spreadsheet that shows the ‘total benefit’ to the owner from the business. Taxable net income often is usually well below the current owners’ total net benefit from the company. This helps Jeff to get more money for your business which in turn allows him to earn a bigger commission. We are on the same side of the table.

For business owners who are not yet ready to sell, Jeff will voluntarily help you prepare their business for sale to help maximize the sales price.  Jeff Chapman does not charge for this advice.

Other Important Factors to Consider:

Confidentiality of the Business Sale

Jeff knows how important discretion/confidentiality is to sellers. Maintaining confidentiality is his promise to you and he knows how to accomplish this. He will help to make sure that your employees, vendors/suppliers, friends and customers don’t learn that you are selling until after the closing.

He uses a unique Non-Disclosure Agreement and custom marketing methods that will help to protect your business while he is helping to try and maximize your sales price and sales experience.

Fees and Commissions

Many brokers charge an up-front fee to value your business and package the business for sale. If this is the case, then the business owner carries unnecessary risk. If the business does not sell, then you, the owner is out the up-front fee. Published statistics show that brokers only sell only 25% to 40%, of business listings; Jeff has sold over 85% of businesses that he has represented. His approach to compensation is clearly better for you. He doesn’t charge any up front or hidden fees.

He also doesn’t charge any fees for valuations, answering all questions, and preparing your business for sale. This says everything about his commitment and confidence in getting you your sales price and terms.

He only represents business owners in the sale of their business. His commission is a percentage of the sales price. This way he gets paid only when you are happy with your buyer and sales price and therefore choose to proceed with the sale. He gets paid when you get paid at the closing. His interests are directly aligned with you, the seller.