Selling A Business

Jeff will give you free advice and answer all of your questions to help you maximize your future sales price and ensure a smooth and orderly transfer of your Arizona business.

Business sellers are generally looking for four basic things when it comes to selling their business. These include:

  • The Maximum Price
  • Sell Quickly
  • Confidentiality Throughout
  • Smooth Transition

Achieving the four goals above is possible with the help of in Arizona.

You likely have spent the last 15-35 years investing your money, time, and energy into your business. Now it is time to cash in on the biggest payday of your life. Your business is invariably the largest asset you own.  It is the money that you will need to live on during your retirement or to begin the next endeavor. When it comes to selling a business in Arizona, our experience is unparalleled.

Jeff Eisnaugle has learned over the years that “buyers are better at buying businesses than sellers are at selling businesses”.  In fact, many buyers you will meet have bought and sold businesses already in their lifetime, whereas this is often a sellers first business transaction.

Planning to sell a business is like exercise, everyone knows they should do it, but very few business owners really take the time to properly plan ahead to achieve maximize value later. As Steven Covey says, “begin with the end in mind”. This is important when trying to sell your business for the highest price possible. Jeff will advise you on the benefits of eliminating unnecessary expenses including the pre-purchasing of inventory, equipment, etc. One thing to keep in mind is that it is always helpful  you are not “the business” and can easily transfer your interest because you have delegated the sales and/or operations to employees. Having self-sufficient revenue streams in place is helpful to ensuring getting full value of your business.

If you are even thinking about selling your business in the next 3 years, start now. Jeff at would be happy to help.

Jeff has years of experience in helping business owners prepare their businesses for sale, and is uniquely qualified to offer advise and the value of your business.

His specialty is providing assistance to individual business owners throughout the preparation, packaging, marketing and sale of their privately owned companies. Jeff’s will customize each transaction with the seller’s goals in mind.

He has a systematic and effective approach that is proven to work, and that results in detailed preparation and the completion of a successful sale that maximizes the cash obtained by sellers.

No-Cost or Obligation Business Valuation for Your Company

We aren’t like other business brokerages. We never ask for any up-front fees or retainers. Our company only gets paid when you get paid because that is the way it should always be. Jeff Eisnaugle has a very high success rate, successfully completing the sale of over 85% of the companies he has represented, substantially higher than the industry average of approximately 25%.

When it comes to selling your business in Arizona, BBA is here to help you. Jeff seeks to make your preparation and sales process as effective and efficient as possible, which is why he offers a current business valuation to every business owner free of charge. Anyone interested in receiving a free valuation at or additional information regarding the potential sale of their business, should contact Jeff today.